Call for Papers



13th International conference of MEEA

On the theme

Managing the MENA transitional economies

31st May- 1st June 2014


Jointly organized by the MEEA, the Tlemcen Preparatory School of Economics, the University of Tlemcen, Laboratories MECAS and MIFMA, Algeria 31st May- 1st June 2014.

About MEEA

MEEA is a private non-profit, non-political organization of scholars interested in the study of the economies and economics of the Middle East. The geographical term “Middle East” is used in its widest usage. Its objectives shall be:

Promotion of high standard scholarship;

Facilitation of communication among scholars through meeting and publications, and promotion of cooperation among persons and organizations commited to the objectives of MEEA


The deadline for submissions is March 20, 2014.
The main theme will be “Managing the MENA transitional economies” However, the conference will have number of sub-themes that may include the followings:


  •  Capital flows
  •  Country risk and foreign direct investment
  •  Globalization and regionalization
  •  International trade
  •  Labor market and industrial relations
  •  Institutional economics and issues of governance
  •  Transportation and infrastructure
  •  Demographic development
  •  Macroeconomics, econometrics and finance
  •  Macroeconomic policies
  •  Economic and human development
  • Social macroeconomics
  • Poverty and inequality measurements
  • Sustainable development
  • Entrepreneurship

Submission & Contact:

To submit an abstract, please go to the Meeaweb Portal by clicking here. If you have already registered and paid your membership fees, you will be able to submit your one-page abstract using the abstract submission form found here. Otherwise, you will need to register and pay your membership dues before you can submit your abstract. The 2014 membership dues (US$25.00 for regular member, US$20 for students, and US$10 for member residing in the MENA region). If you are unable to use PayPal, please contact Edward Sayre,( ), MEEA Treasurer, about making other arrangements for payment, either by check or bank transfer.


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